I See You, Fellow Warrior

“You deserve to celebrate not only who you’ve become, but who you could’ve become and fought not to.”

Read this sentence again.

You deserve to celebrate not only who you’ve become, but WHO YOU COULD’VE BECOME AND FOUGHT NOT TO.

We don’t think about this often enough.

We don’t think how much it has taken for those of us who came from dysfunctional or neglectful or abusive upbringings to not become a product of the environment we grew up in.

We don’t think about how much easier it would have been to follow the examples we were set; how much less exhausting it would have been to not have to do the work of change. To not have to fight so goddamn hard with everything in us to be the ones to break cycles, to end generational curses, to leave a better legacy than was left for us.

To be the history changers. The history makers.

Not many people know what it has taken. They have not seen the dark days. The hard days. The days you have wept. The days you have crawled. The days it has all been too much. The days you have wanted to give up; to give in to the easy, to the familiar, to the path of least resistance.

The days you have fought the days you have fought the days you have fought.

Warrior, take a moment to celebrate everything you have fought so hard not to become. Everything you CHOSE not to become — because it didn’t just happen; you had to MAKE the choice to fight for the person you are; for the life you wanted and for the legacy you will now leave.

And you did.

You made the choice to do the work. And maybe nobody will ever know what it has taken; what it has cost you. But you know. And you deserve to acknowledge that, honour that, and celebrate that.

I see you, fellow warrior. And I’m so damn proud of you x

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