Farewell 2021 — It’s Been A Year

It’s been a year.
There’s not really another way I can think to articulate how I feel about 2021. I’m glad to be leaving it behind, yet 2022 doesn’t really have that fresh hopeful shiny new year feel about it either. I feel as though this year has taken more than it has given; I’m not entirely sure next year will be any different.

I made the decision at the start of 2021 to work as a full-time writer again and once summer holidays finished, settled back into the role but was soon to find that like all things, Covid had changed the landscape of the writing and performing industry. There was less work around, more writers who had lost jobs now working as freelancers, and getting published anywhere had become increasingly difficult.

Performances I’d had lined up, both local and interstate, continued to get cancelled as everything moved online and people stayed home due to ongoing lockdowns. Despite gaining small amounts of traction here and there, I found myself frustrated and burnt out and feeling as though I was getting nowhere.

So, when a position as Limestone Coast Coordinator for Writers SA became available, I jumped at it. Leaped with arms wide open, more like it. Amazingly, I got the position and began my role there in August. While it has been quite the learning curve, I have loved the position — it honestly felt as though someone had scripted the perfect role for me — so it is with much sadness I share that my role with Writers SA will be finishing on January 13th.

The decision to end my position there has been one which has caused huge amounts of angst and grief and heartache but unfortunately with the requirement that all staff must be double vaccinated — and as someone whose health issues don’t allow for this with the current vaccines available in Australia being only mRNA vaccines — it was the decision that needed to be made.

And while I don’t want to delve too much into the political clusterfuck of a mess that our country is currently living in, I do not believe in mandatory vaccinations. I do not believe anyone should be put in a position of not being able to feed their family or pay their bills or keep their homes for wanting to choose what is best for their own health. I do not believe people should be backed into a corner where they have to choose between being forced into something they do not consent to, or lose their entire livelihoods. So as difficult as the decision was, I know it was the right one for me.

So, once again a new year stretches out before me filled with uncertainty — unemployed, a little unanchored, and wondering where this year will take me. I find myself unable to plan or commit to anything right now in the midst of this tumultuous pandemic-ridden sea we are still getting swept back and forth in. I find myself with pandemic fatigue and wanting to sleep for weeks and hope it will all just be over when I wake up. I find myself wanting to do nothing but read books and lose myself in other people and places. I find myself wanting to be in the sun; soaking warmth and light into every cell of my body to somehow feel more alive.

I find myself not without hope, but without stamina — surrendering to no longer being in control but setting sail and waiting to see where this next year will land me.

Sending much love, and one of my favourite poems (because there is always room in the world for more poems).

Happy New Year ❤️

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