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Hey all!

Just a quick post to let you know I’ve got some big changes coming up soon that — while are wonderful and I’m so excited — are going to leave me stretched a little thinner, so I’m spending this wintery week (and the remainder of time in lockdown) working on how to better organise my time and streamline my life and work/writing — starting with setting up a newsletter of my latest articles and updates delivered straight to your email!

Hopefully this will help keep things all in the one place, but also allows for those who aren’t on social media (or who are choosing to spend less time on social media at the moment, such as myself) to still be able to easily connect with my work. I’m not sure yet whether it will replace this blog on my website, but there’s a really good chance that’s the likely outcome as I feel I’m just simply trying to maintain too many social media/website pages and not doing any of it well lately.

I’m unlikely to be one of those people who send you a regular email every Tuesday afternoon at 4pm because I’m kind of like that pen pal who always intends to write but somehow keeps getting sidetracked but I’ll be doing my best to drop into your inbox as semi-regularly as possible, so I’d really love you to sign up. If you’d like. No pressure. I’m cool with you choosing not to. In fact, it’s a really good time to bail if you decide you’d prefer to end our relationship now. Totally up to you.

However, if you’re keen to stay in touch just subscribe to my newsletter at the link below and thanks for being a continued part of my community, I truly value each and every one of you who have joined me on this journey x

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