To The Lost Woman Trying To Find Her Way Home

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“I understand what it means to be lost.

Lost somewhere in the middle of the woman you once were and the one you are yet to become.

To long for a wilderness that is not yours to have; to be challenged, stretched. Broken. To ache for a pilgrimage, for a holy moment that defines you. Heals you. Transforms you. To yearn to break free from the smallness of this pedestrian life; to lose yourself amongst something so much bigger than you will ever be.

To scream anger and rage to mountaintops that will embrace you with their solidness. To weep bitter tears of grief upon rivers that will carry your pain out to the ocean. To leave behind years of regret and sadness on dust-blown paths and feel yourself become lighter as each step widens the distance from you and the pain you no longer need to bear.”

To the lost woman trying to find your way home – my latest over at PS I Love You, recommended by the editors to be featured to readers across Medium’s homepage, app, and emails. Read more at the link below x

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