Control And The Fear Of Freedom: Why We Find It So Hard To Let Go And Trust

“We trade freedom for control because control allows us to manage our fear, and we have become so accustomed to control as a means of governing our lives that we are afraid of the outcome if we were to relinquish this fundamental tool of survival.

We fear what will happen if we were to let go of control—that we will swing wildly out of control—but this is rarely the case.

The truth is the less we seek to control the parts of ourselves we do not trust, the more we are led to radical acceptance of ourselves, and eventually in this space, we will find freedom from the things we fear.”

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3 thoughts on “Control And The Fear Of Freedom: Why We Find It So Hard To Let Go And Trust

  1. Thank you! While I utilise the lessons of The Happiness Trap & ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (with Dr Russ Harris), your words have made me more aware I haven’t fully allowed myself to do the acceptance part.
    One of my “controls” is pretending “all is cool and normal” away from home, when in reality I struggle to keep up with any more than the basics at home. Funnily my last chiro visit looked at the emotional component of my sorenesses; frustration, yearning, guilt. So I am about to step down the rabbit hole. Thank you

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