My Country Is A Woman (**New Spoken Word**)

“And I think of the ways my country and I are the same
how I too have been founded upon invasion
my body occupied and colonised without consent
innocence stolen, the rape of childhood
woven through my narrative; a past not forgotten
“always carried, never healed”

This poem came from the prompt, “My Country.” I wanted to weave together the trauma of our First Nations people with my own personal trauma as a way of acknowledging the way this beautiful land holds and heals us all in our collective grief. Though our stories and pain are different our tears are borne of the same ocean we are forever drawn back to.

Much love x

2 thoughts on “My Country Is A Woman (**New Spoken Word**)

  1. Good morning Kathy—As much as this story saddens me, I need to hear it.
    The way you tell it, woven around the first nation story has a poignancy that cuts through—
    I really like the way you speak and weave words, I am deeply moved.
    Thank you for having the courage….best always Fraser.

    1. Thanks so much for this, Fraser! Your words are always filled with encouragement and support and I appreciate them greatly.

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