Mothering While Podcast – Mothering While Having PTSD

This week I was honoured to be asked by the beautiful Najia Walker if I would be a guest on her podcast series, MotheringWhile, to speak on the topic of trauma, abuse, healing and mothering while living with PTSD.

There is so much unpacked in our conversation but what I love most is what Najia spoke at the end – of me being a white Australian woman, and her being a black African-American woman – and the way trauma does not discriminate. We spoke as two women, two mothers, two survivors. There is so much profound beauty and healing inside of that, and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to meet with such a beautiful soul and share our hearts.

The link below is Spotify, but you can also find the MotheringWhile podcast on Apple Podcast, IHeartRadio, Buzzsprout and Google Podcast x

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