#coronapoetry – Write A Poem Every Day In April

Hey all!

If you’ve followed along here for the last couple of years you’d have seen the #poemadayfeb project I do each February where I embark on writing a poem every day using prompts.

For many reasons, this didn’t happen this year. However, as I sat at my desk yet again this morning feeling unfocused, distracted, anxious and unable to find any creativity in me whatsoever, I realised I needed something that would help bring me back to some creativity, even just one small thing every day.

In a lightbulb moment, I messaged the wonderful Laura Greaves, co-collaborator of #poemadayfeb, and put the idea out there that we jump onboard this project in April instead as a way of drawing out some creativity and giving ourselves a project to focus on at this time.

So, let me introduce #coronapoetry! Starting Wednesday April 1st we’ll be back writing a poem a day and would LOVE for you to join us. As a parent with children at home, I’m also getting them onboard with writing a poem/short story using the prompts each day too as part of their learning at home during this time.

All you need to do to join in is write a poem each day using the prompts below, which you can either simply use for your own inspiration at home, or publish and share on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #coronoapoetry. Your poem can be however long or short you like, in whatever style you like, and if you’re not a poet, no worries – write a story, draw a picture, paint, take a photo, whatever inspires you and helps you focus and find some creativity at this time.

Can’t wait to get this started, and look forward to having you along x

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