Happy New Year ❤️

Shoutout to those home tonight eating cake made by their daughter.

To those home tonight caring for little children, or older parents, or anyone dependent on them, who can’t be out celebrating.

To those home tonight because their mental health is struggling at this time of year, and tonight feels overwhelming and too much.

To those home tonight feeling isolated, alone, or far away from the people they love.

To those home tonight because this time of the year brings up memories that are hard, and sad.

To those home tonight to stay sober, and clean.

But especially to those who aren’t home tonight, or don’t have a home to be in tonight, because of fires. To the ones who have lost homes, lost towns, lost people they love. To those who have fought, and are still fighting, to contain fires and protect others.

My heart, and thoughts, are with you all.

Happy New Year ❤️

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year ❤️

  1. A lovely sentiment. Thank you for caring for others. In this day in age it seems that so few people do. God bless!

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