Day One Featured Artist @ Animal Heart Press

Guys! I am absolutely honoured to be this month’s featured artist over at the incredible Animal Heart Press. I’ll be over there for the next 7 days with various stuff, but to start with, they’ve shared my newest poem, This Dead Bird Belongs To Me – about the legacy of addiction – head over to the link below and take a read, it’s brutally raw and one of the hardest I’ve written x

Animal Heart Press – Featured Artist Kathy Parker – Day One

4 thoughts on “Day One Featured Artist @ Animal Heart Press

  1. Hi Kathy
    I m a big fan of yours. Juhi if u remember. Whever i read you or ur name crosses my head.. it always says.. had i been like her..
    I used to write since my childhood teenage and mid 20s.. nd then lost it. Creative mind went dormant, expressions, emotions, words nd thoughts got messy and entangled with various futile unwanted unavoidable elements.
    I seek my solitude my childhood nd my calm in your creative worthy works. This is so valuable so serene and i must say ur blessed.. nd this blessing reaches to so many people. Nd i am inspired nd touched in an absolutely different way.
    Thank You Kathy
    Warm Regards

    1. Thank you so much Juhi, I appreciate your kind words and am thankful to know my writing has helped you on your journey. I hope and pray you are able to find your words and voice again soon. Sending you much love and light x

  2. I love your work. It lays open the pain and makes sense of it – it never leaves us. The dead bird is so much better than saying your “cross to bare” because everyone can picture a dead bird and being haunted by something.

    1. Thank you so much Nita, appreciate your kind words and am most thankful to know my words help make sense of other people’s pain – it’s always what I hope for them when I send them out into the world. Much love and light x

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