Easter Thoughts

Whatever you believe, the Easter message is one of resurrection; new life, being made new, believing we are not nailed to the crosses of our past. It is courage to overcome and strength to persevere; hope for tomorrow amidst an insurmountable today. It is the assurance that every breath is a new beginning; the outcome of our story not predetermined. We rise and walk in the light and truth of all we are knowing mercy triumphs, grace abounds and love wins.

Happy Easter x

4 thoughts on “Easter Thoughts

  1. Your soulful words often reach my “in box” at conspicuously desperate times in my life. Today (tomorrow actually at this point) is no different as I contemplate my next move. Interestingly, I found you a couple of years ago, while on a remote island off the coast of Thailand. Whilst I was seeking wellness and strength at a facility built for just that purpose. Your words have helped me, many times, to cauterize wounds I have carried underneath a beautiful and carefully crafted facade for decades, beginning in my childhood. It was easier to embrace rebirth, introspection & reflection of self on that remote island in Asia with no husband, pets or kids to distract me. Sounds selfish – but it’s true. American life is highly overstressed and often unkind – but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I think all grown-up life is hard to live up to with our own minimal standards, much less those impossible standards imposed by well-meaning parents and other do-good-ers.

    Or maybe those unachievable expectations are my own self-imposed goals that I have trouble reconciling. My “unrelenting standards” are actually part of my personal schema, and not necessarily any fault of my country, parents or the weather in the Deep South (hot/humid/extra hot) on any given day. I know plenty of Americans in terrible places, with less than little, who are happy to live in mediocre, smiling all the time, without doubts or demons keeping them from getting out of bed. And yet I struggle, even though the sun beckons me daily with warmth and birds sing with glee every morning. I fight to get out of bed and bask in the birth of a new day. It’s a real battle. I am a formidable opponent to my own happiness. Some days I win and some days I lose. No matter what I do, the sun still rises and the birds still sing. I keep telling myself this constant sun/bird thing should be gloriously motivating – the beauty of it all – and yet the dark dog sits on my shoulder.

    I am grateful for your work. I am truly thankful that you put pen to paper, fingertips to keystrokes, and thoughts into energy that is then shared, by you, across oceans and earth.

    Your authenticity is pleasantly pervasive throughout your writings. You do not churn out content for the blogging masses; you post thoughtful, personal, very raw writings and share authentic hope, struggles and pain. Thank you.

    1. I understand every single one of these words, Nita. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, they resonate deeply with mine. And thank you for kind and encouraging words, they mean much x

  2. Your Easter message is one for the ages. Got a physical shiver of inner knowing as I read your words and my soul recognized them for truth. Thank You.

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