The Art of Taking Up Space

This week has been less work and more yoga; a gentle coming back to myself. Connecting breath to body, body to mind. Being still, and present. Remembering my worth beyond productivity and performance. Working through blockages. Making changes where I can. Finding acceptance and peace where I cannot.

The thing that continued to come up this week was our worth: how we either play small, or strive and compete to be seen. How both of these things are disempowering, and exhausting.

In a world where we are conditioned to remain small, yoga reminds us to take up space. We weren’t created to contain ourselves inside the expectations of others, or inside the walls of our own fears and inadequacies. We do not need to shrink ourselves to be accepted; to remain compliant and submissive to keep those around us comfortable and unthreatened.

However, we also do not need to force our worth upon others; to push and shove and elbow our way through the crowd to be seen. We do not need to yell the loudest to be heard. We do not need to compete with others, to strive to be better than those around us so our worth is seen and acknowledged.

I have always been more inclined to shrink; to believe I am not enough. The last while, I have felt small. So incredibly small. Through yoga, I am reminded to create space — to stretch beyond the limits of what I believe I am capable of.

As I inhale space and exhale surrender, I am reminded this is how we learn to take up more space in the world: every day we breathe a little deeper and stretch a little longer and push a little further against the constraints of our society, of expectations, of ourselves.

We already stand inside the space we have been given. One we do not have to shrink to fit inside. But also one we do not need to be afraid to fill. We learn to take up more space as we learn to stretch into the bold and sure truth of our existence.

Happy weekend x

(Also, someone come clean my windows, thx)

2 thoughts on “The Art of Taking Up Space

  1. Kathy, I remember reading something about how women especially are conditioned to feel small, to BE small, and it really got me thinking about how our bodies are governed from such a young age. I’ve always been told how little I am, how short, and then I stumbled across a stat which said that I’m actually about average height for Anglo-Australian women! How then do I feel so small? Because it’s the story I’ve been told, and one I’ve told myself. When I stand up to my full height, I look people in the eye, I am not so little after all, and I should allow myself to take up all the space I need! Thank you for reminding me again 🙂 I needed to hear this. Especially as my children grow and grow and are starting to overtake me. Once again I’ll be the little one. But only in height 😀

    1. “Because it’s the story I’ve been told” – that in itself is so profound!! It goes against society’s conditioning of women when we try and take up space, and I find living in a small community there is a lot of bitchiness and nastiness over women who are working to achieve that space – that whole, “how good does she think she is?” mentality, it’s rife in small country communities and I know it holds me back often, not wanting people thinking that *I* think I must be so good. When it isn’t that at all. It’s definitely been the thing I’ve been thinking about the most this week. Good for us all to be reminded we don’t ever reach our full height if we push ourselves to stay small x

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