Day Twenty-Eight #PoemADayFeb

Hi. Sorry I couldn’t finish #poemadayfeb but, this.

So much this.

How often do we do this? Leave out the parts of ourselves we feel are unworthy and unloveable. Cross out the words we fear will turn people away from us; the ones we fear are both our too much and not enough.

February pushed me to the edge of my limits; despite all good intentions to finish poemadayfeb with glorious resonance, I just couldn’t make it happen. I messaged @laura and @paul last night, apologised for letting them down. They were, of course, full of love and understanding and grace; two people with hearts of pure gold who reminded me I have nothing to apologise for.

Sometimes life happens. It’s okay. We take a deep breath and try again tomorrow. Go gentle. Whatever you have today is enough. We weren’t made to achieve; merely to live. The road is often winding.

I’ve really loved writing the poems I have this month! Thank you to everyone who jumped on board and wrote along with us, your words and enthusiasm have been an inspiration to me. And thanks to Laura and Paul for being such kick arse co-hosts. See you all next Feb! In the meantime, keep writing x

Words courtesy of Alicia Cook 💗

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