Day Eleven #PoemADayFeb – First
I lost my voice when I was seven;
buried in an unmarked grave
where all untold stories go to die.
I learned it’s quite a skill to hold
a lifetime of words beneath your tongue
and not choke on the debris of letters
that fester in the back of your throat;
to swallow truth like a hungry dog with
bared teeth;
willing another to not come close enough
to taste such foul feast upon their lips.
It turns out there is no minute of silence
for silence;
no funeral for people to dress in black
and eat jelly cakes
and cluck tongues over the tragic loss
of life taken too soon.
Innocence taken too soon.
There is only the sound of applause; let a
woman learn silently with all submissiveness.
I am thirty-four when I find my voice again,
yet it is not the first time I speak
which brings me to my knees,
but the first time I am heard.

© Kathy Parker 2019

Day Eleven #PoemADayFeb – First

4 thoughts on “Day Eleven #PoemADayFeb – First

  1. Never stop telling the world what you hold inside of you for a lifetime…… It is not the first time I speak which brings me to my knees, but the first time I am heard……. I can only think who you told first and the reaction silenced you for so many years…. Forgive me if I am totally wrong

  2. If Those people you were talking about were the people who were supposed to love you with every breath they take and keep you safe from the cruelty of the real world…… And they betrayed you…. How on earth do people like that think a child can go on with the rest of their lives and be happy ever after…… You give the rest of us the courage to speak freely about what those monsters did to us……. I truly believe parents like that to be monsters ……

    1. Thank you Tillie 💗 It’s been a long journey of healing and I don’t think forgiveness has fared well in that but I’m at peace with knowing I don’t have to remain tied to my past but instead can be the catalyst for change.

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