Day Eight #PoemADayFeb – Dropping The Ball Again

So that’s actually not the prompt. But I’ve totally dropped the ball with #poemadayfeb the last couple of days, but always knew it was bound to happen here and there throughout the month!

It’s been a busy (see cluttered desk) and tiring (see dark circles under eyes) week, and I’m reminding myself to go gently, gently. In the past I’ve been the worst at being harder on myself than anyone else could ever be; hating on myself for not doing enough, not being enough, falling short, stretching too thin to be all things to all people.

These days, thankfully, I choose to love and honour myself instead. That includes setting boundaries with my time and energy, practicing self-care, and accepting my very human limitations. It means working damn hard to achieve my goals, but remembering this isn’t about performance, or perfectionism, but just showing up and giving it my best, whatever my best looks like today.

In the words of Brenè Brown – “No matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough”

For those doing #poemadayfeb with us, write what you can, as you can, and learn to love the process as much as the outcome. I look forward to jumping back in as soon as I can!

Happy weekend x

4 thoughts on “Day Eight #PoemADayFeb – Dropping The Ball Again

  1. If I want to share a poem, do I post here? Not quite sure -I love that quote by Brene! Happy Weekend

    1. Hi Liz! You can share your own poem on your own platform; whether that’s WordPress or Insta or FB – just publish it with the hashtag #PoemADayFeb! And yes! Brene is fabulous!

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