#PoemADayFeb Prompts Are Here!

#PoemADayFeb people, here are your prompts!

We’ve put together 30, even though there’s only 28 days in Feb – feel free to write a couple extra, or if you are totally stuck on a prompt swap it over with one of the spare ones.

Some of the prompts are (form)s – this just means it’s a particular style of poetry form as a prompt rather than a subject prompt, and can be easily googled for the structure of those forms.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag if you want to share your poems, otherwise feel free to play along at home if you’d rather not – the point is to get writing and have fun.

So get your creative minds thinking, and we’ll see you here tomorrow, ready to smash out 28 days of poetry!

One thought on “#PoemADayFeb Prompts Are Here!

  1. This has been an awesome inspiration Kathy, I’m enjoying it immensely! I’m putting each of my poems on my writer blog, and linking to that blog on Twitter and on my Facebook writer page. This is more than usual self-promotion, and it feels fine, not spammy at all!

    So thanks a lot for this, and oh for that glorious snails pic you posted earlier, I love it!

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