#PoemADayFeb Is BACK!

Hey! So, this time last year I paired up with fellow poetry peeps Laura Greaves and Paul Kohn to commit ourselves to writing a poem every single day in February – and thus, #poemadayfeb was launched.

Though crazy hard some days to keep up, we had a blast doing it and loved seeing so many others get on board, so have decided to run it again this year!

This isn’t about having to produce perfect work, it isn’t even about having to call yourself a poet, it’s simply about putting pen to paper and writing for the love of it, sparking some creativity and having some fun.

Personally for me, I have a fairly hectic Feb coming up, so I’ll be endeavouring to post a poem here every day but am also realistic enough to know some days this may not happen – again, it’s not about having to do this perfectly, just about jumping in and doing what you can.

Prompts will be posted tomorrow and we kick off on Friday – would love for you to join us, either Facebook or Instagram (or both) all you need to do is follow along with the #poemadayfeb hashtag, and make sure you add it to your posts.

Hope you can join us!

One thought on “#PoemADayFeb Is BACK!

  1. I’m loving this beautiful idea, and the fine poems being written by me, and by you and Paul! Exciting times, when poetry can be such an inspired and inspiring thing. Many thanks to you for showing this to me, I’m feeling I can definitely keep on going with this all month, this month, and beyond? Maybe!

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