How We Break Free From Negative Cycles

Too often we find ourselves caught in negative cycles, either our own self-defeating patterns or in our relationships with others. Sometimes it can be a blind spot we don’t see, other times something we see but feel powerless to change or break. Either way, being trapped in these negative cycles shackles us to people who hold us back, to our past defeats, to history that repeats itself, to the versions of ourselves we desire to be free from. Staying in these cycles leaves us disempowered and feeling we have no control over our lives but are held at the mercy of other people or circumstances; forever pulled into a place not of our own choosing.

It takes strength, courage, determination and persistence to break these cycles, but we can never find the freedom to move forward until we consciously make the decision to do so. It isn’t something we can achieve through happy vibes and positive thinking, it takes more than that. It takes awareness and acknowledgement. It takes a decision to say, no more. It must be purposeful and mindful; a conscious decision we choose every day to move away from the negative cycles – from all that has held us back and held us down – and move toward the life we envision for ourselves.

Now is the perfect time to reflect on all that has held us back in the past year and make the decision to let go of that which no longer serves us well. To say, no more. No more will I be pulled back into those negative cycles. No more will I allow another to disempower or control me. No more will I believe I’m not deserving of freedom. No more will I believe I’m not worthy of the life I deserve.

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4 thoughts on “How We Break Free From Negative Cycles

  1. I read this at least once a day. It builds my courage. Many thanks for teaching me how to stay off the ledge.

  2. I Have to tell you I stumbled upon you just when I needed you and your words most. I have finally felt that I could and had to let go of a Toxic relationship after 32 years and your words are echoing through my Soul right now. I just turned 52 on the 14 th and Not even knowing where I will land after all these years but just knowing I had to jump and “Trust” that something greater than me will lead me to safety. I started out at 18 with him and lost myself almost immediately to fit into his life and expectations. Just like you said I lowered my voice, lost friends, watered my entire being down to not upset him and that turned into rage, it kept escalating. I can’t wait to order your book. Thank you 🙏🏻 ☺️ You gave me hope❣️

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and story Linda. I understand completely your pain and struggle, and am so thankful you have been able to walk away from a relationship that was hurting you. It takes the strength and courage of a true warrior. Sending so much love and light your way ❤️

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