I Am Learning How To Be Lonely

I am learning how to be lonely.

How to not reach for another to lessen this ache in my ribs when I have known no other way.

I am learning how to not fear the silence; to be still with this hollow chest and no longer fill the space you once belonged with shallow distraction.

I am learning things I should already know, but was not taught; instead raised to hold a man’s sovereignty before my own.

I am learning I am more than what I was taught.

I am learning what I am worth.

I am learning I am worth these hard things.

5 thoughts on “I Am Learning How To Be Lonely

  1. Dear Kathy

    Thank you for your article on abuse that is more difficult to recover from with every newly reported tragedy.

    So well written and expressed. I’ve thought nearly every thought you have and at 69 its depressing to say that it’s no better.

    Thank you for talking about your anger .. I didn’t recognize what I was feeling until about 38. And it has not subsided.

    My favourite thing is my phone. I prefer to be alone. The news is a double edged sword. And sleeping pills are out because of other medications I have been taking for 35 years now.

    Love and kind thoughts to you Kathy Parker.

    Sandra Bell

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