Day Thirteen #poemadayfeb: Memory

We were always a tragic love story,

two people reaching out for nothing

more than something to believe in.

Our faces were never lined enough

to understand truth; we knew such

little of the world and even less of

ourselves, gripping at each other

only to try and make sense of all

we never could.

You carried grief within your body;

a time capsule buried so deep inside

your organs you became like metal

beneath my fingers. And I was sewn

with threads of such broken fragility,

too flimsy to know how to stay intact;

but then you always knew leaving ran

through my veins.

Perhaps we will meet again, perhaps

when we have found age beneath the

scars we so carelessly left behind.

Perhaps then we will unwrite these

memories and imprint new stories on

the pages of our long-forgotten hearts.

~ ©️ Kathy Parker // Memory ~

Day Thirteen #poemadayfeb: Memory

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