Poem A Day Feb


After a long six weeks of summer holidays here I have found myself in some serious need of writing motivation. So, together with Laura Greaves Writes Books and Paul R Kohn, we’ve come up with #poemadayfeb – 28 poem prompts for every day of February.

This, for me, is a much needed challenge to push myself beyond the need to write perfectly, and instead, just write. I’m often paralysed by my own perfectionism, to the point that the fear of failure – of not being good enough – causes me not to write at all, and this is something I continue to need to overcome, every single time I sit at my desk.

So the point of #poemadayfeb is to challenge ourselves to write a poem a day, whether long, short, simple, complex, good, bad, whatever, and to be brave enough to publish no matter what.

So, feel free to follow along, OR EVEN BETTER, feel free to join us – we would LOVE to see your poems and follow along with you too. Jump over to Insta and follow us there (@kathyparkerwriter, @lauragreavesauthor, @paulrkohn), and just remember to use the hashtag #poemadayfeb.

Happy writing! x

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