And You Exist Inside My Veins

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And it is not love I want inside my veins
I’d rather saltwater seep under my skin
From oceans that fill my lonely dreams
For I am made of water, and love of oil
I have seen how their molecules resist
And repel against one another’s being
They pull away from each other, bitter
The only way I’ve known love to taste
No, I do not want love with all its agony
I would rather be drowned by the ocean
Than to have love flow through my veins
Where I’ll crave it the way I crave poetry
And red wine and the warmth of my bed
But still, your eyes are clear and in them
I see the same oceans of which I dream
You are tides that pull my mouth to you
The taste of saltwater sits upon your lips
And I know it streams through your veins
The same way that it does through mine
We are water, both hydrogen and oxygen
I long to resist the way I am drawn to you
But we are molecules attracted by forces
That cause my heart to betray its resolve
I tell you I don’t want love inside my veins
But I tattoo your name inside my forearm
And watch the letters bleed under my skin
And we both know my tongue speaks lies.

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