Give Me All Your Broken Pieces

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Give me all your broken pieces
And I will use them to build us
A house down near the ocean
Where the sound of the waves
Will hush your demons to sleep
A house with an open fireplace
Which will burn against the cold
That has forged into your bones
I will make sure the windows are
Bigger and taller than we are so
The light will fall in straight lines
Upon the shadows of your face
I will build us a house where the
Bed will always be warm and the
Smell of coffee as you wake will
Mingle with salt air on your skin
And in the evenings you will sit
In your favourite chair and I will
Pour you wine and read poems
That will sound like our prayers
And the words will be like balm
That soothes your aching heart
And if your broken pieces were
To become so sharp my fingers
Begin to bleed then I will write
Blood-stained words along the
Doorpost of our house that say
You are loved, and if you ever
Find yourself lost I will leave the
Porch light on and you will walk
Up the steps and read my words
And you will know you have found
Your way home.

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4 thoughts on “Give Me All Your Broken Pieces

  1. Kathy,
    Romantic, compassionate, vivid imagery. Every wounded soul needs a place to safely come home to, like this. Thanks for holding so many of us with your words.

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