And This Is How I Love


This is how I love
I am like a wildfire in February
Propelled by the north winds
That rage with the same fury
As my breath upon your neck

I burn with chaos
I am madness that consumes
I hurl my passion at your skin
You are like sun-baked grass
My fingers catch you ablaze

My lips are ruthless
There is nowhere untouched
Every edge of your landscape
Ravaged in violent destruction
Til your bones are only embers

But you remain cool
You are frost under August sky
Damp wood upon a forest floor
You wince as my urgent flames
Burn against your faltered heart

You pull away
And I remember I am too much
That I am supposed to be meek
And in your distance I am wiser
But in your apathy I am left cold.

2 thoughts on “And This Is How I Love

  1. Kathy, you have again moved me with your words, but it’s different this time. Still beautiful. You make me think of things I’ve never thought before. How do I love? I can’t even begin to answer that one, but thank you for giving me something worth thinking about. Something worth the time and effort that goes with such an expansive topic.
    Much Love,

    1. Thank you Jillian for your words, for taking the time to share your thoughts, so much appreciated, and so thankful my words have reached out to you once more <3

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