Then You’ll Remember How To Fly


And he will offer you words
Handpicked from his fields
Where manipulation grows
Upon soils rich with deceit
They’ll look like wildflowers
That smell like new promise
And for a moment your heart
Will be fooled by their beauty
And your mind will then dwell
In places where luscious earth
Feels warm beneath your feet
And the purple heather sways
In time to the summer breeze
The places where wildflowers
Are born and freedom can be
Found under boundless skies
And for a moment you’ll think
He actually means it this time
Then you will look down upon
The marks around your ankles
And wrists that still weep tears
From shackles and chains that
He made you believe were love
And then you’ll remind yourself
That freedom doesn’t look like
A cage and love doesn’t look
Like abuse and once more
You will remember
How to fly.

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5 thoughts on “Then You’ll Remember How To Fly

  1. Kathy,
    Where do I begin? I was sitting here at 2am thinking I should try to sleep, at that same moment my phone stopped sleeping and there you were again, with more perfect words that bring tears to my eyes, but only the strength I need, to my heart.
    Thank you so much,

  2. Thank you . It is inspirational . Just remembered a few words .

    Who Am I .
    Mind which never minds
    Heart which never hurts
    Brain which never drains
    Touch which never pains
    Relation which never ends .

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