Someone You Used To Know


You speak the broken pain of regret
Into the place you laid my memory
The sound echoes then fades away
Remorse lost inside an empty grave
Yours were the words that killed me
Each one a fatal wound to the heart
And now you want to keep me here
In this place of sorrow and sadness
You imagine me to be crushed bones
And withered flesh upon decayed soul
As if without you I have only perished
As if you could ever hold in your hands
The power of my life and resurrection
No darling, you will not find me there
In the place you buried my torn body
With your own blood-stained hands
I will not hear your hollow repentance
As you grieve the woman that is gone
For I no longer dwell inside your grave
Nor do I lie in the walls of your coffin
Instead I mended my shattered bones
And stitched together my gaping heart
I rebuilt the woman you sought to kill
Because you left me without a choice
I am no longer dead in the wake of you
My heart beats wild and true and fast
The world will know my scarred beauty
They will see the way I rise from ashes
And walk in the strength of my worth
But to you, I will be a faded memory
Of someone you once used to know
But never again will.

2 thoughts on “Someone You Used To Know

  1. Thank you, once again, for your courageous vulnerability and truth. So empowering to those of us walking similar paths!

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