Leave Me Here In The Wilderness


Leave me here in the wilderness
Let me wander upon lost paths
Where fallen limbs and bracken
Cause my feet to stumble astray
Deeper down the unknown roads 
That lead me further into myself 

Let my soul become entangled
With ivy and creeper and vine
As it twines through damp forest
And twists around my sad anguish
Let moss grow upon my shadows
Until sunlight warms my bitter grief

Let me grope through darkness
And my heart taste its sour wrath
As it unleashes, wild and savage
Upon the fury of its torn injustice
Until there is only hushed silence
Broken by the weep of surrender

Let my spirit be found crushed
In valleys of dust and drought
Let me be consumed with thirst
As I wait upon winds of the earth
To breathe life into my dry bones
And mend me back to abundance

Do not take my hand and lead me
From this journey I choose to abide
But leave me here in the wilderness
Where for now, I must live untamed
For I am young, and so very broken
And there is still much to be learned

© Kathy Parker ~

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