The Path Of The Survivor


There is a path we take.

It is not a journey forward, but one that leads us back.

Back to the places we were first broken.

Back to the places we fear the most.

We resist it, fight it.

But on that path lies a trail of broken pieces. Splintered fragments of ourselves we left behind when they were too sharp to hold and cut us open. Back then we didn’t know how to stop the bleeding. So we left the pieces, scattered on the path, and continued on our journey.

Removed from the pain, but separated from ourselves.

But now, we must go back for those pieces.

For this is how we put ourselves back together.

This is how we become whole.

We gather the pieces we abandoned, and place them inside us where they always belonged.

Find courage, dear one, and tread upon the path. Pick up the broken pieces and hold them close. Remember the way they once cut your hands, yet no longer do, for now your hands are stronger and your skin is thicker and though scarred, you no longer bleed.

Feel the weight of the pieces in your hands and notice you are strong enough to carry that weight now. Turn them over, adjust them, move them, line them up. Make sense of them. Place them side by side. Repair them. Restore them. See the way they come together with cracks and lines and faults and imperfect edges that will never fit like they used to.

But see how they are once more made whole.

This is how broken things mend.

How broken people mend.

In flawed perfection.

It was never your fault you were so broken. It was never your fault you left so much of yourself behind. But now is the time to go back and pick up the pieces. Do not fear the path. You know the way, you have walked it before. It is your path. And these are your pieces. They belong to you. Pick them up and put them back together and place them inside your chest. Allow them to make you whole again as you were always meant to be.

Broken no more.

For this, dear one, is the path of the survivor.

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14 thoughts on “The Path Of The Survivor

  1. Being a believer in the Collective Unconscious, strange how I come back from my art class after discussing using ground glass to use mixed into the pigment; as the Venetian Renaissance painters did (for more authentic luminosity)…to read your blog! My proposed painting has a woman (me) in a vibrant red dress walking toward Venice. Dead petals drop from the bouquet of roses she holds, a symbol of the marriage I walked away from.
    mmmm? love reading your words Kathy.

    1. This is incredible Barbara, just incredible. Synchronicity at its finest. And such an incredible piece of art work you have created in your mind that I know you will do amazing justice to. Much love to your dear woman x

  2. It’s hard to find the perfect words for someone that always finds them for me. I sit here struggling not to cry for reasons too numerous to explain. The words your experienced and talented mind put in your stories/poetry speak to me like no others. We have been down a very similar path. I can’t thank you enough for helping me to finally finish picking up my pieces.
    Jillian G.

    1. Jillian, your words have me in tears tonight. They were the perfect words, and everything I needed to hear tonight. Thank you so much dear woman for everything you have said. Thank you for reminding me of every reason I continue to write, even when it’s hard. Even when it feels unimportant. Even when I wonder why I do. I’m so thankful my words have brought healing to your heart, and so privileged to be able to be part of something so incredibly beautiful. From my heart to yours x

  3. After having a really hard day your words touch me and my troubles. I still struggle daily with the emotional abuse I suffered for 30 + years. I need to get myself back and forgive me first…….hard journey.

    1. It’s something that doesn’t go away easily… it’s a long and hard road, the road to healing, and you have suffered a long time. Go easy on yourself, and be gentle with your heart. The fact that you face each day makes you stronger than most people will ever know, and this I understand. From my heart to yours Leanne x

  4. You most definitely have a gift for writing
    May God bless your broken road with His favor and open doors for you to share your gift with the world …❤️

  5. I love your post. Beautifully written. And so relevant to all that have experienced abuse in some way or another. It reminds me of a similar one I once wrote when I was picking up my own pieces. I rarely ever link to my own blog when commenting on other bloggers’ writing as my comment is about their blog post not mine. But I think this might really resonate with you. Check it out if you feel like it:

  6. I have been running from a past that I so desperately want to forget for 10 years now. This past has caught up to me now and I have been trying to make Sense of it all. My head has been swarming, my spirit shaken, my mind confused BUT after reading this I know now why. I know why it caught up to me because it’s time I face the past and pick up the pieces and keep moving into my future. Words cannot express my gratitude to you for writing this.

    1. Lacie, thank you so much for these beautiful words, for opening your heart and soul, for allowing me to share in your healing journey. I wish you the absolute best xx

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