Foolish Girl, You Are Not Foolish At All


Foolish girl,

You turn away from the world because you believe the mistakes you have made are tattooed all over your body and that is all the world can see; marks of shame you cannot wipe clean no matter how many years you scrub your skin until no more blood can seep from your pores still stained with filth and sin.

You turn away from the world because you believe you are defined by your past, by the choices you made when there were no other choices; that you are bound to the girl you once were by the invisible ropes still tied around your hands and feet, held in place by words of shame that will never deliver you from their grasp.

You turn away from the world because you believe you are not deserving to hold your head high and look it in the eye; that you carry a scarlet letter upon your forehead that will blind those who dare to look your way, and you cannot stand to see the way they turn their face from your tainted humanity.

You forget, foolish girl.

You forget what you have survived.

You forget you fought alone against the world when your hands were too small to defeat the weight of it, and so you took it on as your own even though it almost crushed you.

You forget you were betrayed by those who should have protected you and so you barricaded yourself behind hard edges and sharp corners and promised to never trust or need another again.

You forget the way love was shown as abuse and abuse was shown as love and the shame you were forced to carry because of the way you longed to be loved even when that looked like abuse.

You forget you sat alone in a room filled with despair as your hands shook and blood trailed down your wrist and in that moment when you could have chosen death, you chose life.

You forget you have every reason to be hard, but you choose to remain soft. You have every reason to hate, but you choose to show mercy. You have every reason to cast judgment, but you choose to speak grace. You have every reason to fuck this world the way it has fucked you, but you choose to heal it instead.

You forget you have survived what most people never could.

Foolish girl, you are not foolish at all.

You are a warrior.

You are strength. You are bravery. You are courage. You are hope. You are light. You are truth. You are love. You are survival. You are kindness. You are wisdom. You are redemption. You are transformation. You are revolution.

And most of all, you are worthy.

To love, and to be loved.

You just need to believe it.

~ © Kathy Parker ~

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15 thoughts on “Foolish Girl, You Are Not Foolish At All

  1. Good one Kathy. I thought of every word as my own hell…and yes a survivor in this world, after all the abuse.

  2. As I stand completely alone, I realize that “My heart belongs to another world”

  3. The Warrior, Survivor returns. An inspiration to others Kathy. Magic. God bless the Poets for there inner wisdom. The world is a beautiful place, and worth fighting for, ourselves too.

    Great work. ☺

    1. Wesley Scully, I always smile when I see your name appear 🙂 Thank you sir, for your incredibly kind words. Appreciate them so much. And yes, the world is worth fighting for, and I will always fight for the good that still exists within it, and within us.

  4. As a therapist and survivor, I thank you for your gift of words that heal me, still, and that I am passing forward to the wounded warriors that allow me to walk with them and allow me to hear their stories, see their wounds, witness their courage and brokenness, day by day. What sacred soil we are standing upon as we find safe places and people that validate our pain, our losses, our humanity. Blessings and Peace, Kathy.

  5. Hi Kathy,
    Live your blogs!!! They truly resonate with me. Just going through a very mess second divorce. Have picked two wrong men. But I will survive this one like I did the last one.
    “I am a survivor not a victim”. But still at times like this feel like a very wounded Warrior. ❤️

    1. Thank you for your beautiful words and for sharing your heart. I understand how you feel, wounded warrior is such a beautiful way to put it, but we are survivors and the fact that we get up and face each day is enough of a testament to our strength and resilience. Much love to you Catie x

  6. A family member just sent this to me and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Chills and all the emotions. Like reading the screenplay to my life. So beautiful and powerful. Thank you for writing this. I am a warrior.

    1. Thank you so much Shannon 💗 I’m so thankful my words found you. Wishing you the best on your journey x

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