Meet Me On Roads Not Travelled 

Meet me not on roads

Already gone before 

But find me where 

The bridal creeper 

Tangles its stem 

Around fallen limbs 

And the sun 

Scarcely dapples light 

Through the dense canopy 

Of leaves that surround

With their secrets untold 

Where above and below

The heavens echo

With the same cry

Our hearts make 

As they beat wild inside 

Our drunken chests 

Take my hand in yours 

And run with me, my love 

So even the wind

In all her delicate fury 

Cannot compare to the breath

Inside our eager lungs 

Let us laugh 

And kiss 

With careless abandon 

As we run along tracks 

Dense with bracken and weed 

Where ground is untouched 

And our spirits untamed

Let us not be like them 

For you and I do not belong 

On well-worn trails

And familiar paths

We are born of dust and skies 

Of constellation and earth 

And the purpose that aches

Inside our unbridled veins 

Will lead us together 

Along the road less travelled

To the place 

Where freedom is found. 

~ © Kathy Parker ~

Image by The Love Whisperer via Tumblr

2 thoughts on “Meet Me On Roads Not Travelled 

  1. You have said everything that I wish secretly in my soul for that SPECIAL man to see and still love me.
    I have never been able to put all my feelings into perspective. But you
    did .
    Never been able to make anyone understand. .You do..
    I lived in HELL for 13 years.
    I am free now.

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