5 thoughts on “This Is How I Love You

  1. Crisp air hovers between ancient dunes
    Saltbush greens the red sand
    Silence quieter than your heart beat
    Few know these places
    Souls of long vanished tribes people and explorers call out
    Dingo howls drift through empty space
    Campfire hurls red and gold fingers into the night sky
    In that sacred space, in that holy moment
    I think of you
    Occasionally a person imprints upon your soul
    And you know you are forever changed
    Something of inestimable value awakens within
    Power and emotion that cannot be contained by words nor restrained by circumstance

  2. Your words have once again touched my soul, Kathy.

    I have always considered that pause between breaths as the most sacred place my soul whispers its wisdom to me. Tonight, reading your beautiful words describing loving someone “…in the spaces In the pauses between breaths” gave me goosebumps, took my breath away, and brought tears to my eyes. Yes, this was more than a whisper! Your words viscerally shook me to my core. I sit here stunned, wondering if it is indeed possible that my heart is finally ready to love again, after being so guarded for 12 years?

    With much gratitude, Michele

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