Today I Laid To Rest Your Memory

Collaborated with the beautiful mind of Paul Kohn.


6 thoughts on “Today I Laid To Rest Your Memory

  1. Hand slides down forearm, fingers of hope entwine.
    Eyes like opals reveal light, love, pain, joy, hunger.
    Heart shifts like an uncaged bird, why do stirrings within arise like clouds of finches from desert sand..
    Time, space and bonds steal from fierce but fragile hearts.. pain and hope twist together into cords of light and dark, cold and heat, fire and ice, stretching into the distance.
    Shifting into outback miles, seeking out the eternal spaces of desert where sand, sun, spinifex and shimmering cloak anxious love in choruses of soothing simplicity

  2. Two warriors, trapped in an endless duel slug like automatons, destinies preset
    No malice only cold duty make them aim death blows at each other but neither can win
    Sentenced by wit of marriage to dance in futility, their’s is the lot of the subjugated and beaten woman
    A cruel world takes comfort in the spectacle
    The judges of Law, Tradition and Callousness cackle like demons tormenting caged souls
    Beezelbub laughs at the kingdom of death that reigns over a human heart
    But those noble warriors Passion and Duty must continue their dance of death
    For to cease is to die..

  3. A mind, tortured by memories lifts hopeful eyes unto greater freedom
    Swift, intelligent and sure
    Burning with vision and zeal
    Full of dreams
    Believing in the elusive promise of betterment
    Express words that burn and propel hearts of like mind
    Loneliness is the lot of the farmer’s wife
    No one gives more for others than they
    Yet the eternal bush hides their sacrifice
    Whilst lesser beings harvest plaudits in towns and cities
    Heart meets heart
    Dream meets dream
    And dance like children set free under the sun
    Their gay laughter rings through streets, fields and towns
    Chastising the cynical and disapproving
    But encouraging the free and wild of heart
    For no chain or word can cage an idea
    It marches through the land with sure footed and confident steps
    Commanding attention through it’s nobility
    Shot like an arrow
    From a warriors heart
    Straight and true
    It dominates space, time and thoughts
    Because freedom will not be quenched
    And must ultimately come to rest in stout hearts that also dare to dream

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