We Build Bridges Over The Ravine 

You saw the ravine that was my heart

But you did not fear the broken ground

Unlike the ones who came before

With their cautious feet

And feeble constitution

You are braver than most

You do not tiptoe around

These uncertain pathways

Instead you seek them out

Tread with purpose, intention

Though all too aware of the fall

I wait for you to lose courage

To turn and trace your steps back

To places that do not falter

But you are not of faint-heart

As you make your way down

Into the deepest crevice you can find

You are not fearful of the dark

Nor are you fearful of the thorns

That could well afflict your side

Your hands graze the rough edges

And I am made less abrasive

Your lips taste the hollow pain

And my flesh is no longer abandoned

You are strong in the places I hurt

You are not afraid of the cracks in my heart

I am not afraid of the cracks in yours

Together we build bridges

Together we heal. 

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