Haunted Houses 

And beneath my skin lie the graves

Of past lives I have laid to rest

But still, the ghosts of my sorrows

Emerge from dust-filled crevices 

And rattle the cages of my bones  

“Hush,” I tell them 

For I have been taught to fear my darkness 

To bury it with guilt, cover it with shame 

My corrupt flesh, my blemished soul 

Yet I cannot fear the ghosts 

That steal amid my tombs of anguish 

Instead, their presence reminds me 

We’re all just haunted houses 

Yet to understand 

How frighteningly beautiful

We really are. 

© Kathy Parker 

8 thoughts on “Haunted Houses 

  1. Love it!!! Your writings about shame and authenticity ring so loud with me. I gave a speech on Friday night about the shame that I’ve carried with me and I used your vitamins as physical and emotional preparation, I read them aloud To practice my projection and pacing and articulation but ultimately for inspiration. It is strange that you are in Australia and I am in Florida and you are giving me your strength. If you are interested, I will send you the link to my speech, just email me. Thank you again Stern you throw is echoing in the world.

    1. Andrea, thank you, that’s so humbling to my heart that you used my words to help you with your own speech! And congratulations on doing something so brave and daring. Bless your heart xx

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