You Are Not An Imposter


You are not an imposter.

You think you are. You feel as though you live breath to breath, heartbeat to heartbeat, waiting to be exposed for the fraud you are.

You tread with fear. “If only they knew,” you think to yourself.

If only they knew of the life you lived when you were lost, when you were broken, when you were hurting. If only they knew the mistakes you made in your confusion, the choices you made in your desperation, the people you hurt because it made more sense to hurt them before they hurt you.

If only they knew.

Then they would see you for the imposter you really are.

But you are not an imposter.

You are not defined by what you have done, but by the person you are.

You are a journey; a winding road that has passed through rugged and breathtaking terrain filled with both valleys and mountains.

You are a story; words placed in beautiful alignment on handmade paper, filled with tales of both triumph and defeat.

You are a warrior; one who wakes every day to a battlefield unseen by others, where the strength required to fight is sometimes more than you have and some days you give up, while other days you fight, and you win.

No dear heart, you are not an imposter.

You are merely human; the sum of all you have ever been and all you have ever done and all you are yet to become.

Do not be ashamed of your humanity.

Do not hide it from the world, afraid of being seen.

Your humanity does not make you an imposter.

Your humanity is the very thing that makes you real.

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