The Loneliest Thing (and it’s not being alone)


I used to think the loneliest thing was to be alone.

But that’s not it.

The loneliest thing is to be misunderstood.

Because this is what we crave the most. To be seen – really seen. To be heard. To be understood. For the intention of our heart to be known.

To feel we can rest safe alongside the heart of another, without question, without confusion, without misinterpretation.

For we can be content within our own company. Here, we can find rest when we understand self-love.

Likewise, we can find contentment in the company of another when we feel understood, known. It matters not whether friend, family, lover – when we feel understood, we feel loved, we feel we belong, we feel safe.

But to be misunderstood by those we long would see the true intention of our heart leaves us homesick, lost, disconnected. It leaves us a foreigner in a strange land, desperate to find the place that feels like home, even though that’s where we’re supposed to be.

And maybe the only way to find our way home again is to release the expectation we place on others to understand us.

Maybe the only person who will ever truly understand us, is ourselves.

Maybe the best we can do is walk in our truth, live in a way that aligns with our authentic heart, follow our path of honesty, integrity and goodness.

To understand our own intentions so completely that it matters not if we are misunderstood by others. Even those closest to us, the ones we desire most to see us, and know us.

We reap what we sow.

Let us seek to understand others. Even more than we love them. For we cannot truly love another if we don’t see them, know them, understand them. We will only ever love our version of them, and in doing so, we fail them.

And so maybe in seeking to understand others, we will help to heal the lonely hearts of the world, and all the while heal our own hearts too x

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