Can You Feel It?


Can you feel it?

Can you feel the rise of your spirit, the gentle gripping of your heart as it longs to burst free from the confines of all you have told it to be?

Everything acceptable. Everything palatable. Everything right. Everything diluted.

For you must not be too much. You must not shine too bright. You must not be seen, or heard, or felt.

You must not make others feel.

No more.

The world needs you.

It needs your boldness, your brightness, your vivaciousness, your radical love.

It needs your heart. The one that has lived in fear too long and aches to be free.

Now is the time to be all you possess within you.

To be fearless, to be reckless, to live and love with abandon, to risk, to challenge, to stop playing safe and let go of all that has kept you small.

To be real. To be raw. To call upon truth. To step out of the shadows. To live your destiny.

Now is the time to walk in the greatness you were always made for.

It’s time.

Can you feel it?

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