You Are Not Measured By How Short You Fall, But How Great You Love


I know how hard you try, precious one. I know you still carry the pain of the past, the pain over things you cannot take back, and I know how much that hurts. You long to make it right because that is your heart, it hurts you to hurt others, but in the time of your own hurt the world spun out of control and you were caught in the chaos and now you look back at the destruction and weep for what is lost, for what you will never get back.

You are haunted by the voices of your sorrow, the ones that seek to remind you that you will never be more than your mistakes. But do not listen to these voices, for they lie to you.

You are not measured by how short you fall, but how great you love.

It matters not what the world believes of you, for their judgement is fraught in the denial of their own humanity, their own need for grace.

Take your heavy heart to the waters edge and lay it down upon the shoreline where salty waves wash away the tarnish. Let your pain be carried out to sea, let it be held by the hands of creation, then leave it behind as you place your heart back inside your chest; now weightless, now free, once again filled with light.

Your heart is pure, true and good. You are here because creation dreamt you into being, it longed for your presence in the world, your heart, mind and soul, and it gazes in awe at all you are. You are worth more than you could possibly know. Your mistakes don’t change that, nor do your regrets, your brokenness, your weaknesses, your flaws.

The voices will always try and hold you captive to your past, to your shame. Pay them no heed.

Hear only the voice of truth.

For this is the voice that longs to set you free.

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