You are so used to your own reflection you don’t even see how much you’ve changed. And yet, you barely even know yourself anymore, you feel unanchored and adrift as you try and find your place in this world. Like a ship on waters that rage you cannot find comfort through this tempest that tosses you at the mercy of its fury.

But in this midst of this chaos you are learning to stand strong. You grow more indestructible every day through the storms that batter your weary heart. And one day soon as ink-stained clouds clear to skies of untainted blue you will rest upon hushed oceans. And here you will gaze, wide-eyed, at the beauty around you. It will be new, unfamiliar, and yet you will know it. Not by name, but by the way it feels. Belonging.

You need the storms, for without them you would never come adrift and be led to this place you now find comfort in. You no longer know your way back, but that’s okay, there will never be any need for you to return. You have changed too much to fit where you once thought you did. All that matters now is you have arrived at the place you were always meant to be. You are home.

One thought on “Storms

  1. I love the way you put this complex process into words, moving away from abuse and the resilience that was needed as protection but which also ‘protects’ from the pleasure and joy of life. The transformation period is the hardest as the old mechanisms have become dysfunctional and no new ones are in place yet. It’s hugely uncomfortable. Can’t wait to arrive at the place where I’m meant to be.

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