Accept. Abide. Wait.

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At times we experience a fervent longing for something more, something that feels beyond our grasp. Restless for what it is we long for, we feel as though we strain at the bit. Time and circumstance hold us back and we rage against this. We rage and rage, internally conflicted, our souls unsettled and discontent.

And we can continue to rage, to scream on the inside, bang our fists against the wall. But it won’t help anything, will it?

Or, we can accept.

We can accept that for now, for today, we are exactly where we are meant to be. Today, this is where our journey would have us. Here. Because here is where the work needs to be done. Here is where we find healing, renewal, restoration and transformation.

We must learn to live in the moment, love in the moment and embrace the wisdom we gain in the moment. For just as snow gives way to leaves, so too will this season in our lives give way to the next. When we are ready. When it is time.

Accept. Abide. Wait.

And though the waiting is hard, harder than we think we can bear, in the waiting is when creation becomes still, quiet, hushed with anticipation.

For it knows something we do not.

It knows the beauty of what is yet to come.

Don’t lose heart. Trust in the journey. Hope for things unseen. Have faith in the promise of what lies ahead.

Accept. Abide. Wait.

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