Let Go Of The Fear That You Are Too Much

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Let go of the fear that you are too much for this world. It is nothing more than dead wood; barren, rigid, fruitless. It holds you back, holds you down, depletes you of life.

You are here to flourish, to grow, to be abundant.

Yet you’re so scared of abundance, aren’t you? You’re so scared to be everything you long to be.

You know it’s there. It burns within you; your purpose, your calling. It burns and you feel it. You feel it when you’re alone and your soul is connected to the universe and in those moments you are an unstoppable force. In those moments your heart cracks open with the beauty of all you are and it cannot be contained within you, it gushes out through every pore and catches alight the souls of the world and you know, you know, this is who you were meant to be.

You long to step into your destiny, to make that your home. But when you emerge from the quiet shadow of your solitude, the fire is smothered by a fear you can’t let go of. You are scared of what they might think of you, what they might say about you, of being misunderstood, ridiculed. And so you shrink yourself, bend yourself, shape yourself, mould yourself into something you think is more palatable to the world.

And then you wonder why you feel as though you never fit, why you never find your place, why nowhere feels like home.

It’s because you were made for something more than you allow yourself to be.
You must be brave, beloved. Be fearless in the pursuit of your destiny. Find your place. You will never be too much for this world. Do not fear abundance, but allow the overflow of your life to spill into the world. Allow beauty and creativity and kindness and love to flow abundantly. Let go of the fear you are too much. Instead, go set the souls of the world alight.

Let go of your fear and find the courage to live the life of abundance you were made for.

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